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Rockwell Pharmacy

Rockwell Pharmacy is a new service-oriented pharmacy that offers patient specific and medically current advice in all matters concerning health. Rockwell pharmacy offers prescription services and face-to-face patient counseling with respect to adherence to drug therapies, closing gaps in care, and more cost effective therapies. Rockwell offers wide variety merchandise including over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, vitamins and natural supplements and general healthcare products. Our exclusive Cosmetics department supplies contemporary beauty brands to help consumers look and feel their best.

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Rockwell Pharmacy Ltd.
Community 25 Junction
Tema- Ghana

Rockwell QuickClinic®

Rockwell QuickClinic is a small walk-in clinic for fast, cost-effective, convenient, reliable diagnosis and treatment services for common illnesses. This model facilitates access to qualified care providers, allowing patients easy access to vaccinations and screening services, support for chronic disease management and advice on wellness and health maintenance. Rockwell QuickClinic® bridges gap between demand for primary care and physician shortages in Ghana.

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