Marketing & Distribution

Marketing and distribution are key components in maximizing your portfolio of unique pharmaceuticals, and Dymiq specializes in these areas for our partners.

To support private supply and delivery channels, we will implement the following actions:

  1. Invest in market research and data-gathering systems and organizations
  2. Strengthen pharmaceutical distribution networks by leveraging the private supply and distribution channels of other sectors or by creating shared specialized pharmaceutical distribution companies
  3. Invest in models such as accredited drug dispensing outlets to ensure access to affordable, high-quality medicines and pharmacy services
  4. Partner with international pharmaceutical logistics companies to bring know-how and capital into countries that have difficulties in addressing the problem of fragmented, undercapitalized supply and distribution channel operators
  5. Promote alternative finance services such as cooperative pharmacy banks. These services could provide lines of credit or small loans
  6. Encourage consolidation of fragmented wholesale markets by more strictly enforcing quality standards (good distribution practices) for wholesalers
  7. Develop a strategic channel partner network across Africa, spring‐boarding market coverage from 1 country with 50 specialty representatives to 10 countries with 600+ representatives (130+ specialty reps; 470+ non‐specialty reps)
  8. Boost gross profit margin of your product launches by improving product costing and pricing structures
  9. Generate about 15% of annual company revenue over a 6-month period as part of overseeing the marketing communications, dealer network training and operational launch of 2 new products

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