Build Distribution


Distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply-chain management of chemical products to achieve your company's African market penetration. Long distance and cultural divides make international trade challenging. Dymiq Pharmaceuticals will demonstrate both commitment and the ability to adequately represent your company in the African market. Dymiq holds current contracts with most major wholesalers and distributors, and we maintain an active Authorized Distributors List.

To accomplish this we bring experience in what has become costly and unmanageable for many manufacturers: distribution. It is where we have clearly demonstrated an ability to add value for our partners throughout our existence. To that we add ready access to an unparalleled infrastructure, including representative in all parts of Ghana and essential services like credit/chargeback processing capabilities to streamline your product delivery and capture vital payment efficiencies in an often inefficient system.

Africa's Pharmaceutical Market Growth

The value of Africa's pharmaceutical industry jumped to $20.8 billion in 2013 from just $4.7 billion a decade earlier. That growth is continuing at a rapid pace.

Source: African development Bank; BMI Research, IMF/World Bank, World Health Organization, McKinsey

Managing the Infrastructure

Where experience and infrastructure come together, though, is a level of personal service that is only available through a privately-held company operating in a niche environment where few may follow, mainly because our intent is to maintain a manageable portfolio of generics and build value for our partners.

"Our goal is to bring experience, infrastructure, and personal service to our partner's existing portfolio of products and to add value by producing more robust marketing and distribution results".
How we do it

We aim to achieve this through:

  1. Creating and sustaining leading positions in the pharmaceutical market in which we operate
  2. Establishing successful private wholesale and retail outlets capable of meeting the needs of widely dispersed indigenous populations in the arid and semi-arid regions.
  3. Continuously benchmarking and improving the efficiency of our operating model in each of our pharmaceutical health business
  4. Carefully extending our geographic footprint, to provide new horizons for growth
  5. Attracting and empowering entrepreneurial leadership teams, capable of delivering outstanding performance, through the deployment of a devolved management structure
  6. Maintaining financial strength through a disciplined approach to balance sheet management