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"Dymiq stands for better health"

Who we Are

Dymiq Pharmaceuticals is committed to driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers to improve medication access and efficiency throughout the African healthcare supply chain. We source products from reputable manufacturers and are dedicated to offering innovative and diversified products at high quality and affordable prices. We specialize in product commercialization and distribution to pharmacies and healthcare systems, helping businesses everyday to enhance patient care.

Dymiq has assembled a seasoned workforce and established sales and distribution networks all across Ghana since its inception. We strive to enrich our product portfolio by constantly adding products in different therapeutic fields from cardiovascular health to the central nervous system. We focus on research to be at the forefront of the unprecedented change in the African healthcare market. Our operating headquarters is located in Accra, Ghana—the Gateway to Africa.

Dymiq Pharmaceuticals aims to strengthen, improve access, availability, quality and affordability of private pharmaceutical supply and distribution channels in Africa.

What we Do

Sustainable access to affordable, high-quality medication is an important component in all human healthcare systems. However, this remains a challenge in many African countries. Supply and distribution of pharmaceuticals are a fundamental aspect of the success of any health system. Disruptions to this supply undermine human health outcomes as supply chains have an impact on the availability, cost, and quality of medicines.

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A Case of Supply & Demand

The value of Africa's pharmaceutical industry jumped to $20.8 billion in 2013 from just $4.7 billion a decade earlier. That growth is continuing at a rapid pace: we predict the market will be worth $40 billion to $65 billion by 2020 (exhibit). That's good news for multinationals and pharmaceutical companies seeking new sources of growth as developed markets stagnate. It's also good news for patients, who have gained access to medicines previously unavailable on the continent.*
* Source: www.McKinsey.com

Profitable Partnerships

The services we provide to grow your business are focused on the principles we embody to grow our network of partnerships. If you have a great portfolio of products, we can help you build on that foundation.

Build Distribution

Dymiq holds current contracts with most major wholesalers and distributors, and we maintain an active Authorized Distributors List. Read More

Build Value

Our energies are focused on relieving our partners from the often expensive and cumbersome task of marketing and distributing their products in Africa. Read More

Build Trust

Our goal of never growing beyond capacity assures our partners that we hold their interests as squarely as we hold our own. Read More

Africa's Pharmaceutical Market Growth

The value of Africa's pharmaceutical industry jumped to $20.8 billion in 2013 from just $4.7 billion a decade earlier. That growth is continuing at a rapid pace.

Source: African development Bank; BMI Research, IMF/World Bank, World Health Organization, McKinsey